Car Cashiers Process – What to Expect

Car Cashiers Process

So, your car has reached the end of its functional life. The cost of repairs is growing, and keeping it on the road is no longer feasible. So, naturally you start looking for car scrappers near you. A scrap car buyer can be contacted in Perth and throughout Australia by looking for a ‘car cashier’ or ‘cash for cars‘ organisation – which is exactly what we do at Car Cashiers Perth!
It makes sense if you are unsure of what to expect if this is your first time selling your car to a Perth car scrapper. To help you in being adequately prepared, this blog will cover the essentials of car removal. We will pay special attention to the criteria in Perth.

Is it Possible for You to Scrap Your Car?

Before selling a car to somebody, whether it’s a private seller or a scrapper, make sure you’re eligible to do so.

To begin, you should be able to show that you are the car’s owner. While many people have considered contacting a car scrapper and making money from an abandoned car on the Highway, only the car’s owner has the authority to scrap a car. Next, ensure that there is no outstanding debt on the vehicle. This includes any loan repayments or penalties. Basically, it must be completely unencumbered, which means it must be devoid of any debt or any other financial burden.

If you are eligible to scrap your car, then contact Car Cashiers Perth! Call us today at 04 9990 4865!

  1. Scheduling the Car Pickup
    We need you to contact us and arrange for the car removal so that we can come and take your car.
    Simply call us at 04 9990 4865 or email us at to set up a time that is suitable for you. We will also inquire about your car and check the price you are willing to sell it to us for.
  2. The Selling Price
    In certain circumstances, the owner of the car refuses to take any money for their car because it is absolutely useless. However, in order to take possession of the car, we must still submit a purchase receipt. This is when we agree on a sale price so that we may finish the necessary documentation and close the deal.
  3. Getting the Car Ready for Removal
    Please make sure you don’t leave any valuables in the car because it’s impossible to get them back once the automobile has been taken away. Check all corners of the car several times just to be sure.

People frequently overlook the following areas:

  • Boot and storage areas
  • E-toll tags are mounted to the windscreen.
  • Glovebox
  • Other secret compartments unique to your car
  • Seat pockets in the back
  • Side door compartments
  • Stereo system, such as any CDs that have been inserted
  • Sun visor pockets
  • The area under the chairs
  • The middle console

You should also try to remove the licence plates before we come, but no worries even if you can’t because we can assist you if necessary!

Scrap Car Pick-up

We will arrive at your location to pick up your scrap car on the date and time you have picked to be most convenient. Some paperwork must be completed to safeguard both sides before we hand over the cash to you. This is when we examine the car and finish the paperwork collectively. We will need to see the car registration paperwork and your proof of ID to complete the collection. As photo identification, a driver’s licence or passport is ideal. Once this process is done with, our team of car scrappers Perth will hand you your cash and tow away your car.

Contact Car Cashiers Perth and Choose Perth’s Most Trusted Car Scrappers!

When you choose a courteous and skilled team of Car Scrappers in Perth, car removal becomes straightforward and easy! Get your car scrapped today by Car Cashiers Perth!
Do you live in Perth or another of our service areas? Please contact us at 04 9990 4865 to arrange a quick car removal.