Buy or Sell an Unlicensed Car in Western Australia

Buy or Sell an Unlicensed Car
Is it possible to sell an unlicensed vehicle in Perth, Western Australia? You’ll be surprised to learn that the answer is a resounding yes! The regulations in Australia differ from state to state in regards to selling unlicensed automobiles. If you are in Western Australia, you’ll be relieved to learn that the procedure is rather simple. Naturally, reliable car removal Perth services are your best choice for a quick sale. With every purchase, we at Car Cashiers Perth pay the best deal in quick cash.

Sell Your Unlicensed Car in Perth

It is entirely legal in Western Australia to buy and sell an unlicensed automobile. There’s no requirement for a roadworthy certificate whatsoever. This seems very handy – and it is – but it is also the buyer’s duty to invest the necessary time in determining if the car is structurally safe and secure. To put it another way, owning a car carries a higher level of risk. Another benefit is that for the first 14 days, the Western Australian government does not levy a fee for the transfer of ownership. If it hasn’t been completed by then, you will be fined $100.

Sell Your Car For Cash To Car Cashiers in Perth WA

Car Cashiers Perth is a fully certified and licensed car buyer that will pay up to $9,999 for any condition, make or model of automobile. We will buy your unlicensed car and in return, you will earn some quick cash! Our 24-hour free car removals are available all throughout Perth. We provide services other than free car removals. Clients can depend on the highest level of servicing on all types of vehicles – licensed or unlicensed – such as Buses, Jeeps, Light Trucks, Motorcycles, Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, and Utes, Vans, 4WDs, 4x4s, and other vehicles.

Our Cash for Car services is available for all kinds of cars in Perth, such as:

  • Accident Cars
  • Broken Cars
  • Damaged Cars
  • Junk Cars
  • Mechanical Fault Cars
  • Old Cars
  • Scrap Cars
  • Unlicensed Cars
  • Unwanted Cars
  • Wrecked Cars

Driving An Unlicensed Car In Perth

You may not only sell unlicensed cars in Western Australia, but you can also drive one with the proper permissions. You may either receive a 48-hour Temporary Movement Permit or an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit that may be valid from 60 hours to 12 months depending on the Permit you get. However, do remember that you can’t just apply for a permit for just any reason. Contact the Department of Transport WA for additional information on whether you’re qualified for a Temporary Movement Permit or an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit.

The Best Way To Sell Your Unlicensed Car? Contact Car Cashiers Perth!

Regardless of whether your car is Unregistered, Scrap, Accidental, Wrecked, Smashed, Salvaged, Old, Broken, Unwanted, Damaged, or Used, the best thing about selling your Unregistered Car is that you really make money rather than wasting it. We, at Car Cashiers Perth, will help you with all of the documentation required to complete the transaction. We will provide all services, from towing to documentation, to make the procedure as efficient as possible, regardless of the state of the vehicle. Our team of highly skilled professionals will give you all of the necessary documentation to complete the sale legally. We are dedicated to providing a trustworthy Car Removal service that is handled with the highest professionalism and honesty being Perth’s most dependable Car Wreckers. Just give us a call at 08 6117 0251 or email us at! Hurry and contact us now for an Instant Quote as well as to arrange your Free Car Removal Perth service at your ease.